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New, game-changing hydrogen based energy generation technology superseding renewable energies while replacing fossil fuel and nuclear power. Galvanic Enhanced Electrolysis is breaking through the efficiency barrier - making this hydrogen based energy the ultimate fuel.

Discover why this technology is catching the attention of the international energy industry.

Powering Tomorrow Land

Galvanic Enhanced Electrolysis

Revolutionary Energy and Hydrogen Production Technology 

Energy transfer is a well understood concept. For the past decade energy transfer from heat to kinetic to magnetic then to electrical energy is what generates our daily electricity supply. In all cases energy is not created but transferred. 

Energy transfer at a molecular level is a developing science. Nuclear fission and fusion harvests energy at an atomic level. However, we don’t need to split or fuse an atom to transfer energy from a latent to a usable state. Energy transfer at a molecular level through ionic exchange is also possible but uncharted waters and not always fully understood by science.

In most cases energy at an atomic level transfers to heat. But energy transfer at an ionic level produces usable hydrogen gas. Before an ion receives and electron it is in a state susceptible to slight redox influence and can react with opposing ions. In this vulnerable state it can freely transfer energy, unlike nuclear fusion that requires extreme heat and pressure to transfer energy. 

H2IL scientists have discovered that combining two energies, while in their ionic state, will transfer into a single powerful energy without brute force input energy.

The combination of galvanic energy and electrical energy at an ionic level is game-changing since both are in essence electrical energies. H2IL believes this has never been achieved before and is not conventional brute force electrolysis.

The technology presented by H2IL secures the capability to parallel the reliable supply on demand requirement of fossil fuel energy with the added benefits of being clean, sustainable and renewable. Hydrogen based energy has the versatility of either instant electricity generation, or energy storage to support a trending transition from petrol and diesel over to hydrogen fueled transportation.

Too Good To Be True?

At initial glance it may be considered impossible or too good to be true. However, it is supported by science and proven without any doubt to be a viable energy source. Please keep in mind that energy is being transferred and not created which is impossible. 

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