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H2IL is taking expressions of interest in complete international patent and IP acquisition.

H2IL is reaching out to large multinational companies, established corporations and distinguished entrepreneurial's with the financial and strategic strength to take this to the next level. 

Technology applications include:

  • Micro power generation and grid boost.

  • Renewable energy storage.

  • On-site fuel station hydrogen production.

  • Synthetic fuel production.

  • Local, microgrid power generation for commercial and residential.

  • On-ship fuel production for commercial fuel cell marine vessels.

  • All Industrial hydrogen applications including ammonia.  

  • Power station conversion from fossil fuel or nuclear over to hydrogen fuelled steam boilers.

  • On-site transportation hub hydrogen production.

  • Green Steel production.


H2IL is not developing an investor portfolio or moving forward with production of the equipment! H2IL is self-funded and is not creating any appearance of fraud by taking revenue or donations from the public, or applying for government support

Please submit interest via postal mail to the address below.

Please reinforce your credentials by submission on a company letterhead. All applications are treated as confidential.

Alternatively, you may wish to contact David Hendrick on LinkedIn:

General Information Email:
Please Note: 
H2IL receives a large number of emails from individuals and small groups. 
H2IL is not seeking finance! The private company is self-funded and has no financial ties.
If your company or organisation does not meet the criteria then your email will not be answered following screening. All general questions are covered in the Q&A section with link below.
H2IL is a subsidiary of a listed manufacturing company that has the capacity to start production, but chooses to sell the technology. Due to the huge potential of this technology, H2IL believes it needs to be assigned to a multinational company, corporation, or group thereof, with the international presence and financial strength to take this to the next level. 

Message received thank you.


H2 Innovation Lab

Attn: Wayne Smith

PO Box 2721565


Auckland 2244,

New Zealand


David Hendrick:


H2IL Business Page:

YouTube Channels:  

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