H2IL is taking expressions of interest in complete international patent and IP acquisition. H2IL is reaching out to multi-national corporations and wealthy entrepreneurial's with the financial and strategic strength and vision needed to launch a robust, international implementation network.

Technology applications include:

  • Grid and renewable energy storage.

  • On-site fuel station hydrogen production.

  • Local, microgrid power generation for commercial and residential.

  • On-ship energy production for commercial fuel cell marine vessels.

  • All Industrial hydrogen applications.  

  • Power station conversion from fossil fuel or nuclear over to hydrogen fuelled steam boilers.

  • On-site transportation hub hydrogen production.

Please submit interest via postal mail to the address below.

Please reinforce your credentials by submission on a company letterhead. All applications are treated as confidential.

Alternatively, you may wish to contact David Hendrick on LinkedIn:

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Please Note: We receive a large number of emails from individual and small groups believing they can take on this multi-national task. Such emails may not be answered following screening. 
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