H2IL presents a revolutionary energy and hydrogen supply technology. A breakthrough in science that delivers a solution to current and future energy concerns while eliminating the wide area power grid. A self-powering hydrogen generation system, fully scale-able to fulfill almost any demand without the challenges confronting renewable energies. Self-sustainable hydrogen generation using standard rain or sea water and over 30 times more efficient than conventional electrolysis of water.

Please visit 'The Science' page to discover why and how this technology is unique, is supported by science and is worth investing into. For solid proof please visit the 'Verification' page.

Our goal is to assign the patents and concealed intellectual property to a major corporation with the financial strength and ability to take this technology to the next level - World Wide.


Is your corporation in the position to become the owner of a game-changing multi-national energy infrastructure? To become the international utility supplier of a clean, self-sustaining, renewable energy. To supply hydrogen and electrical energy charge-out on a consumption basis at costs that will benefit all mankind.   

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