New game-changing energy generation technology superseding renewable energies while replacing fossil fuel and nuclear energy. 

Galvanic Enhanced Electrolysis energy generation provides clean, safe, self-sustaining electricity unlimited to geographic location.

A sustainable hydrogen based energy bridging the gap for hydrogen to become the ultimate fuel of the future.

Transforming Energy

The energy world is rapidly shifting to accommodate clean and safe energy. Will fossil fuel be a dominate energy means in the near future? How will a greater portion of electricity be generated? Will renewable energies provide stable and secure power to all locations and all sectors of the world? Will future mobility be fueled by oil, renewable battery charging or hydrogen? These big questions are confronting most electricity and utility providers together with oil and gas companies.  


Many corporations are endeavoring to search out new and revolutionary technology that can give them the monopoly in this rapidly fragmenting energy industry.


H2 Innovation Lab (H2IL) may have a solution in the form of a new energy technology. This technology is truly revolutionary and game-changing for the following reasons:


  • Like nuclear fission and fusion this technology is self-sustaining but without splitting or fusing atoms.

  • Superior to nuclear, this technology produces a limitless energy that can be stored as well as instant conversion to electricity or heat.

  • A secure means of energy with a reliability that, unlike most renewable energies, parallels nuclear or fossil fuel power stations.

  • The technology is fully saleable from small localized power stations up to large scale fossil fuel burner substitution in existing power plants.

  • Safe and eco-friendly with absolutely no detrimental byproducts or carbon emissions.

  • Unlike nuclear power, the low cost metals can be recycled.

  • Low cost and undemanding infrastructure makes for a rapid change and ease of integration.


H2IL discovered a method of combining energy at an ionic level enabling the harvesting of a natural galvanic energy stored in abundant and low cost metals. A small current flow transforms the galvanic energy while in an ionic state and releases huge amounts of hydrogen gas. The energy content of the hydrogen is many time greater than the input catalyst electricity. This has proven to enable self-sustaining energy generation with very little metal consumption.

Pitfalls surrounding other forms of self-sustaining energies:

 Nuclear Fusion Energy:

Nuclear Fission Energy:

Common renewable energies are failing to substitute main grid power generation. Reliable power supply on demand delivered by fossil fuel power stations are not being and probably never be paralleled by most common renewable energies. However, the revolutionary energy technology presented by H2IL has the ability to support renewable energies, enabling them to parallel the supply on demand requirement while replacing fossil fuels with clean, sustainable, hydrogen based energy.


In short, the closest comparison to this technology is nuclear power but without the potentially detrimental repercussions. Common nuclear power generation uses an energy stored in certain scarce metals. The H2IL generation method also uses an energy stored in certain metals but abundant in supply. A small amount of self generated electricity will excite and sustain a hydrogen generating reaction. The combination of two energy sources that transforms into a large amount of energy that, like nuclear power stations, is self-sustaining.  Energy is not being created, which is impossible, but simply transferred from one form to another and supporting the laws of thermodynamics.


The advantages of the H2IL technology over nuclear power are numerous and include:

  • The non-toxic byproduct is recyclable or has other commercial value, unlike nuclear power, where the radioactive byproduct is difficult and expensive to confine.


  • Nuclear power, along with fossil fuel stations, requires a huge, single station site with problematic and costly power lines connecting the wider grid. Because the H2IL system is scale-able and self-sustaining, the size and output can be scaled to either match that of large power stations or scaled down to small, localized station that eliminates the main power grid and their associated issues.


  • The energy produced by nuclear power is heat, that must be used instantly and cannot be stored for future consumption. However, the energy produced by the H2IL system is hydrogen gas which can either be converted to heat, mechanical or electrical energy instantly, or become an energy carrier and be stored for future consumption.


  • The green hydrogen based technology will be welcomed by the public, unlike nuclear power with a stained track history resulting in the decommissioning of stations and project contracts cancellations.


 World Wide Energy Potential:

H2 Innovation Lab is offering the acquisition of a fully patented energy based technology that supersedes wind and solar energies on so many levels. A technology that opens doors to all kinds of possibilities. 

Supporting a trending transition from petrol and diesel over to hydrogen fueled transportation. A method of replacing the coal, oil or natural gas burners in fossil fuel stations to hydrogen fueled burners without much infrastructure change. A means of fueling marine vessels by the very substance they are floating on. Because hydrogen is the ultimate renewable energy, a technology that produced hydrogen efficiently is considered to be bigger than the discovery of oil.

Conventional electrolysis of water with a 60% efficiency is not new. However, Galvanic Enhanced Electrolysis is breaking through the efficiency barrier, enabling self-powering energy generation and paving the way for the clean fuel of the future. 

A potential multi-trillion dollar energy network of generation stations installed and owned by an energy supplier who would charge for fuel and energy consumption much the same as current power and fuel suppliers. The H2IL Galvanic Enhanced Electrolysis technology is fully developed over a 14 year period with confidential I/P supporting the secured intellectual property for a robust technology acquisition. 

Our Goal:

Our objective is to assign the patents and concealed intellectual property to a major organisation with the financial strength and ability to take this technology to the next level. We are reaching out to make contact with such corporations and entrepreneurial's with the desire to turn dreams into reality. The clean, unlimited energy supply to most of the world at a reduced costs will benefit all. 

Who Are We:

'H2 Innovation Lab' is a subsidiary branch of a manufacture and exporting company based in Auckland New Zealand. Since 1996 the parent company had successfully patented and exported specialized electronic analytical equipment into 71 major countries. Receiving product and leadership awards, hosting international seminars and popular presence at trade shows throughout the world. Since 1980 this innovative research and development company have been dedicated to providing solutions to many technical challenges.

Due to the nature of this highly disruptive technology the full identity of the parent company is discreetly concealed from the public. However patent numbers are provided to approved applications.

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