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Presenting the acquisition of a revolutionary, game-changing sustainable energy technology with the ability to  transform modern energy generation.


A New Way of Generating Energy

New Way of Generating Energy

Versatile & Scalable

  • Common nuclear power functions by harvesting an energy stored in certain scarce metals and generates thermal energy. The Galvanic Enhanced Electrolysis system harvests energy stored in abundant  metals but generates hydrogen gas. Hydrogen is more versatile than heat as it is energy carrier in addition to instant conversion into electrical energy. A method of generating electricity alongside hydrogen supply to support a trending transition from fossil fueled transportation over to hydrogen electric vehicles. 

  • Able to parallel fluctuating power capability of hydro, nuclear and fossil power stations.

Boundless Locality

  • Supports the current grid without line upgrade needed for common renewable methods.

  • Supports the conversion of coal, gas and oil burner power stations over to hydrogen fueled burners.

  • Enables localized generation stations with hydrogen fuel cells electricity generation.

  • Eliminating the wider power grid reduced utility costs and power loss through line resistance.


  • Energy day and night in any weather conditions.

  • Fully supporting the environment and ecosystem.

  • Much smaller footprint per megawatt of energy.

  • Supporting revolutionary green hydrogen.



  • Most other known energy generation means are a combination of electrical and mechanical energy. The combination of electrical and electrical (galvanic) energy enables an energy generation method non reliant on the common mechanical motion of turbines harvesting wind, water steam or sea flow.

  • Low cost

  • Reliable.

  • Zero carbon and greenhouse gas emissions.

Boundless Fuel

  • Fueled by abundant sea and rain, lake, river or bore water.

  • Unlimited and sustainable.

  • Water is converted to hydrogen which converts back to water when consumed.

  • The water is feed back into the system reducing or eliminating water transportation to generation site.

  • Presents the option of converting sea water into pure drinking water while generating electricity.


  • Not detrimental to health or environment.

  • Not limited to location.

  • Fully scale-able with no limitations.

  • Supports hydrogen generating renewable energies using existing infrastructure.

  • Self-sustaining and not reliant on outside electricity supply.

Brief Overview ... 

Energy transfer is a well understood concept. For the past century energy transfer from heat to kinetic to magnetic then to electrical energy is what generates our daily electricity supply. In all cases energy is not created but transferred. 

Energy transfer at a molecular level is a developing science. Nuclear fission and fusion harvests energy at an atomic level. However, we don’t need to split or fuse an atom to transfer energy from a latent to a usable state. Energy transfer at a molecular level through ionic exchange is also possible but uncharted waters in general science.

In most cases energy at an atomic level transfers to heat. But energy transfer at an ionic level can produce usable hydrogen gas with little heat loss. Before an ion receives an electron it is in a state susceptible to slight redox influence and can react with opposing ions. In this vulnerable state it can freely transfer energy, unlike nuclear fusion that requires extreme heat and pressure to transfer energy. 

H2IL scientists have discovered that combining two energies, while in their ionic state, will transfer into a single powerful energy that generated hydrogen at galvanic metal cost of $0.34 per Kg of hydrogen!

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The Technology

A technology that ticks all the right boxes to resolve current and future energy challenges.

The Science

Galvanic Enhanced Electrolysis is a new, revolutionary science with the ability to transform energy generation.

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