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H2 Innovation Lab

Presenting the acquisition proposal for a revolutionary, game-changing, clean energy technology with the ability to  transform modern energy.


The Next Generation In Energy

Ion Accelerator
New Way of Generating Energy

  • A science breakthrough achieves highly efficient  Hydrogen gas generation giving unique applications.


  • An emerging technology that accelerates natural ionic reactions within an electrochemical cell to release hydrogen gas from unprocessed rain or sea water. Achieving an unmatched efficiency 50x greater than conventional brute-force electrolyzers.

  • World First Self-Sustaining process that extracts more energy (as an existing fuel bound in H2O) than the energy needed to extract the fuel.


  • Scalable, on-site generation, eliminates complex gas storage and transportation infrastructure along with associated issues obstructing the hydrogen economy.


  • The ability to generate electricity, for grid or micro-grid supply, in addition to producing hydrogen gas, provides a solution to the current Hydrogen Economy chicken-and-egg scenario. 

  • Producing more clean hydrogen per kWh than conventional, 200 year old, brute-force electrolysis. 

      (1.2 kWh/kg/H2 compared to 60 kWh/kg/H2). 


  • With less than 5% of the output gas converted back to electricity, the Ion Accelerator achieves large volume, self-powering generation at any location.


  • Slow decaying abundant metal energy rods, priced at just $0.34 per kg/H2 and exchanged every 90 days, splits the H2O bond similar to Natural Geologic Hydrogen.

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H2 Output

5% of O/P converted to electricity to power the Ion Accelerator

No external power needed!

Fuel Cells





  • Self-sustaining like nuclear but 100% safe and no harmful waste and more versatile than just heat generation.

  • A self-sustaining process is only achievable by highly efficient extraction of an existing fuel of which a small portion goes back to power the system.

  • A solution to the energy transition with little disruption to society and infrastructure.


  • Energy day and night in any weather conditions.

  • Fully supporting the environment and ecosystem.

  • Much smaller footprint per megawatt of energy than solar and wind.

  • Parallel fluctuating power demands and load capability of hydro, nuclear and fossil power. 

  • Non-obstructive infrastructure with little or no public resistance.


Workable Solutions

  • Self-sustaining, bulk Hydrogen produced onsite, eliminates the huge grid power demand of conventional electrolyzers.

  • Self-sustaining H2 production at point of consumption eliminates gas conversion, storage and transportation with all it's complexities and costs.

  • A solution to the Hydrogen Economy chicken-and-egg problem. Receive constant revenue from grid supply electricity generation with excess H2 produced. Power generation in addition to hydrogen production delivers back-to-back revenue.

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  • Not detrimental to health or environment.

  • Not limited to location.

  • Fully scale-able from micro to mega installations with no limitations.

  • Fits in with existing infrastructure.

  • Un-reliant on outside electricity supply.

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Boundless Fuel

  • Fuelled by unprocessed ocean, rain, lake, river or bore water.

  • Unlimited and sustainable.

  • Endless resource. Water is converted to hydrogen which, then converts back to water when consumed. A green electricity generation cycle.

  • Presents the option of converting sea water into pure drinking water while generating electricity.

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Boundless Locality

  • Supports the current grid without line upgrade unlike the demands of renewable energies.

  • Supports the conversion of coal, gas and oil furnace power stations over to hydrogen fuelled burners.

  • Enables localised electricity supply with hydrogen fuel cell electricity generation.

  • Reducing power grid power loss through line resistance.

Creating Energy? No! 
An existing fuel is extracted, not created.
The Ion Accelerator is simply an advanced method of freeing the H
2O bonds from sea or rain water. Accelerating ions to extract Hydrogen rather than conventional, 200 year old, brute-force electrolysis. 

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A technology that resolve current and future energy challenges.

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The Science

View the basic science behind the technology.



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Unique applications only achievable by this  technology.

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