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H2IL presents a revolutionary energy and hydrogen supply technology. A breakthrough in science that delivers a solution to current and future energy concerns resulting from ever depleting fossil fuels and their greenhouse effect. A self-powering hydrogen generation system, fully scale-able to fulfill any demand without the challenges confronting renewable energies. Self-sustainable hydrogen generation using standard rain or sea water and over 30 times more efficient than conventional electrolysis of water.

Please visit 'The Science' page to discover why and how this technology is unique, is supported by science and is worth investing into. For solid proof please visit the 'Verification' page.

Choose from a series of information and technical videos including cubic meter cell performance testing.

How It Work and Supported by the laws of thermodynamics.

Outrunning Fusion Energy


International physicists believe more energy out than input energy is possible and nations are investing billions into the science.  

Too Good To Be True OR

Supported by Modern Science?

Is this breakthrough in hydrogen generation technology simply 'Too good to be true' ?

This documentary video will explain how the system achieves an output energy 22 times greater than the input energy. An outstanding efficiency of 2000% opposed to the conventional method yielding only 70%. 

Put your thinking caps on, sit back and enjoy!

Hydrogen Infrastructure

Game-changing infrastructure applications made possible  with self-sustaining, onsite hydrogen energy generation.

Technical Performance Test Series

Make a self analysis with gas flow quantity vs. input energy.

Performance Testing on 1 cubic meter cell.

NOTE: To understand the method of testing be sure to first view the video titled "Gas-Over-Air Collection  G.O.A." 

Click Full Screen when open.

Brief overview of test series performed on the

1 cubic meter cell.

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