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Stage .1.

Stage .2.

Stage .3.

Stage .4.

Performance efficiency verification. Reports based on efficiency of small 2.4 litre suitcase demo unit.

Confirmed efficiency of 400% 



Performance efficiency verification. Reports based on efficiency of a double size 5 litre demo unit to demonstrate the scale-ability of the technology.

Confirmed efficiency of 550%



Technology improvements focusing on extending the life of the reactive rods well beyond 90 days.

The stated $0.34/kg/H2 is the cost of the rods and their coatings. While this is an acceptable cost and exchange period, we have discovered new ways of extending their life without limiting performance.




Self-sustaining micro grid power station generating an average 5kWh of energy 24/7 non-stop.

1/ Demonstrate the stability of the complete system.

2/ Demonstrate the

longevity of the reactive rods.

3/ Independent verification through grid supply reports.

4/ Final prototype design

for multi-scale commercialisation.



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